Super 8 Wedding: Danny + Sheri

  • 11 months ago
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Danny and Sheri are close friends with my wife Jessica, so we decided to make the road trip to Pennsylvania for this celebration. And it was definitely a celebration. If you don’t believe me, just look at Jessica’s photos from the wedding. She did the photography. DISCLAIMER: We ran out of film before the Indian celebration began, so there is no footage of colorful powder being thrown in faces and ruining Sheri’s wedding dress. For that, refer to Jessica’s photos. :)

What an HONOR to film this wedding! And not just film it, but film it with film! This was our first Super 8 experience, and it lived up to the hype. I (Josh) bought a 1970s GAF ST/1002 Super 8 film camera a few months ago and had been dying to test it out. These bad boys are making a beautiful comeback offering dynamic, colorful footage as well as nostalgia. I got mine off eBay with high hopes it would be in working order, but for all I knew it could’ve been damaged or damaging the film. Super 8 film has to be processed, just like a film camera, but also must be transferred to digital format in order to post to Vimeo and share online. Pro8mm is located in California, but they are the one-stop shop for processing and transferring to digital. I was kind of nervous to see if any of the footage even turned out AT ALL. It turns out the camera is in top working order, and I think the film turned out just lovely! I was so stoked. We really hope you enjoy the film and get to taste the beauty of this wonderful wedding and inspirational couple. No, really. They will freaking inspire you. A few days after their wedding, they left the states indefinitely to help with relief aid in the Philippines. Here’s their blog. No guarantees they’re still in the Philippines, though. These people will up and leave any given day if it’s required of them. Love you guys and thanks for the gift of being a part of the start of your journey.

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